Applies to
SiS 900 PCI / Integrated SiS LAN Cards.

DOS, Windows NT4.0, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE ,Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003. (Vista not included)



3.81 MB

Driver Date & Version
29/6/2006 (ver. 1.19)


According to SiS website:

We only manufacture chipsets for Mainboards/VGA cards, but do not assemble boards or cards for retail use. Retail board and card manufacturers often customize SiS chipsets hardware and software to suit their particular system or configuration, so drivers on this site may not work for your particular system.

Your manufacturer is the best source of information for product information and support. We suggest you obtain technical assistance from your board or card manufacturer first before installing SiS drivers.

SiS does not guarantee the proper functionality of these drivers on your customized systems and we assume no responsibility for any problems occur upon the installation of SiS drivers.

Besides SiS900 PCI Lan, the driver also supports:

Supported SiS Products

  1. SiS540
  2. SiS630
  3. SiS630E
  4. SiS630ET
  5. SiS630S
  6. SiS630ST
  7. SiS635
  8. SiS645
  9. SiS645DX
  10. SiS648
  11. SiS648FX
  12. SiS648MX
  13. SiS650
  14. SiS650GX
  15. SiS651
  16. SiS655
  17. SiS655FX
  18. SiS655TX
  19. SiS661FX
  20. SiS730S
  21. SiS730SE
  22. SiS735
  23. SiS740
  24. SiS741
  25. SiS745
  26. SiS746
  27. SiS746FX
  28. SiS748
  29. SiS755
  30. SiS755FX
  31. SiS760
  32. SiS900
  33. SiS961
  34. SiS962
  35. SiS962L
  36. SiS963
  37. SiS963L
  38. SiS964
  39. SiS964L
  40. SiS965L
  41. SiS966L
  42. SiSM650
  43. SiSM661FX
  44. SiSM661MX

To istall the driver, please download and extract the zip file. You will find SETUP.EXE in /sl119/ folder. Run the SETUP.EXE file to start the SiS PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter Driver Setup Utility installation.

Download SiS 900 PCI F.E.A. Driver here.

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