Applies to
SIS 630/730 Video IGP

Windows XP

SIS (Silicon Integrated Systems)


42.72 MB

Driver Date & Version
2003-01-31 (ver. 2.09)


SiS630 is single-chip core logic for processors with GTL+ system bus. It is intended for IntelCeleron/Pentium II/Pentium III, and includes North and South bridges and 2D/3D graphics controller.

SIS 630 chipset allows designing a very small mainboards on this chip, such as FlexTX. Thus SiS630 may be a good solution for Easy PC systems,which support USB, possess slotless design and have no 1.44\" floppy disk drive.

With the help of SiS630 System-on-chip appears more real. However, SiS630 proves also very advantageous in ordinary desktop systems.

If your system is using any of the following SIS chipset, you can use this driver: SiS630, SiS630ST, SiS635, SiS730S, SiS730SE, SiS630S, SiS630ET, SiS540 and SiS630E.

*For Windows XP only.

Download SIS 630 730 Video Driver here.

One thought on “SIS 630 730 Video Driver

  • Farhad December 13, 2010 1:44 am #


    I need sis 630 last update 209 but every time I download it by your link server link cant be resolved it seems that all 3 sis download server have host resolve problem, please consider the matter and tell me about solvation or any other alternative pass for downloding this update even sending via email!
    I am waiting to hear from you soon!



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