Applies to
Sipix StyleCam 3 In 1 Digital Camera/Video Camera/Sound Recorder

Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP

Sipix Digital


7.18 MB

Driver Date & Version
02/06/2007 (Ver.


SiPix StyleCam Deluxe is one of the earlier 3-in-1 digital gadgets that provides digital camera, digital video camera, video conferencing camera and digital audio recorder all in one. It provides 1.3 Mega Pixel is so so when there is enough light but look horrible during low light.

Anyhow, since you have bought the SiPix StyleCam Deluxe camera and want to have it working in your PC, you will need to download the driver.

There are few files inside the downloaded driver file, namely, FashCC01.inf,, FashCS01.inf,, FashCV01.inf and StyleCam.exe. The driver is from DXG Technology Corp, which has branches in USA, Taiwan and China.

However, there is no mention of SiPix StyleCam Deluxe information in DXG Technology website.

Download Sipix StyleCam Deluxe Driver here.

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