Applies to
Siemens A55 Mobile Phone




1.36 MB

Driver Date & Version
2002 (ver. 1.0)


Siemens A55 is a basic but popular mobile phone back in year 2001-2002. It is basic in the sense that no camera, memory card, colour screen or EDGE but due to the ease of use and low price, it has become quite popular in Europe and Asia market (I presume because I owned one and I saw many people are using it that time).

The user manual covers basically everything you want to know about Siemens A55. Some of the important information available are:

  1. SIM card, battery
  2. Menu
  3. Calling, phone books
  4. SMS (texting in US)
  5. Network
  6. Profiles
  7. Accessories
  8. WAP

Download Siemens A55 Owners Manual here.

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