Applies to
Seagate Travan 8 & 20 ATAPI Tape Drive

Windows NT 3.51, SCO



57.70 KB

Driver Date & Version
06-24-98 (ver. 1.07)


Travan tape drives are no longer a Seagate product. Seagate is the worldwide leading maker of disc drives.

Tape drives are now supported by Quantum/Certance.

For those who are using Veritas BackupExec and Veritas NetBackup with your Travan IDE/ATAPI drive, if you are using Veritas BackupExec or Veritas NetBackup you should use the device driver that came with your software backup package.

The driver available is Certance ATAPI (IDE) Travan Tape Driver v1.07 for Windows NT 3.51 - CNR157.SYS, compatible with these Travan models: Travan TR-1, TR-3, TR-4 & TR-5 tapes.

Download Seagate Travan ATAPI/IDE Tape Driver here.

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