Applies to
Motorola SURFboard USB SB4200 Modem

Windows 98se, Windows 2000, Windows Me, and for 32-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista



65.5 KB

Driver Date & Version
7/9/2007 (ver.


If you are looking for SB4200 modem driver in Motorola website, you will not be able to find the driver download link because Motorola has not listed or removed the link for SB4200 usb driver.

As of time of writing, the only available USB drivers for download are for SURFboard® Cable Modem SB5102/SB5101/SB5120, Cable Modem SB6100J, Wireless Cable Modem Gateway SBG900 and Netopia® 2210-02 ADSL2+ Residential Gateway.

I think these models are never thus Motorola make the driver available for download on its website. As for older models, such as SB4200, the download links are taken down.

As usually manufacturers do not actually delete the existing driver file, they only taken down the link, thus with a little guess work, I am able to find the readme.txt for SB4200.

From the readme file, the following information is gathered and since the readme says that SB5101 driver file ( is the one same with SB4200 ( , and SB5101 driver is listed on the driver download. So we have found the driver for SB4200!

From SB4200 readme.txt:
The Motorola SURFboard USB v2.4.1.7 driver files support the following SURFboard modems:

  1. SB4100 / SB4101
  2. SB4200
  3. SB5100
  4. SB5101
  5. SBG900
  6. SBG940
  7. SBG1000
  8. SVG2500 (Support Windows XP 64bit and Vista 64bit)
  9. SBV5200 (Support Windows XP 64bit and Vista 64bit)

Driver Installation Steps

  1. Download the file.
  2. Extract to a temporary folder. The USB driver set consists of following five system files:
    1. rndismpk.sys
    2. bcmndis.sys
    4. NetMotCM.inf
    5. usb8023k.sys

    These file names must not be changed for successful driver installation.

  3. Windows XP/Vista may pop up a warning message [Windows cant verify the publisher of this driver software]. Please select the [install this driver anyway] option to complete the installation.

Download SB4200 Modem Windows XP Driver here.

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