Applies to
Sanyo Katana (SCP-6600)

Windows 2000, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista (32 bit)

Mobile Action


5.40 MB

Driver Date & Version
15/3/2007 (ver. 9.5)


Since this driver for Sanyo Katana is from Mobile Action, the distributor for MA - 8512P USB interface MA-CABLE, I assume the device driver & modem driver will only work for this particular USB cable.

Driver Installation for USB MA-CABLE

  1. If you insert the USB MA-CABLE to PC USB port first, the [Found New Hardware Wizard] screen will appear in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Please click Cancel.
  2. If this is the first time you install the USB device driver, the USB driver version will be detected. After the USB driver version is detected in Windows 98 SE and ME, the system will be restarted.
  3. If an old version of USB device driver is found, please click Yes to uninstall the old version of device driver. Then click OK to restart the system.
  4. Please power on your Sanyo Katana phone and attach the phone with USB MA-CABLE. Then plug the USB MA-CABLE to the USB port. Installing driver may take several minutes, please wait.
  5. The installation of USB MA-CABLE device driver is completed.
  6. You should see [Sanyo USB Modem] under Control Panel -> System -> Hardware System -> Device Manager.

Some of the user feed back I found regarding Sanyo Katana phone modem driver installation:

  1. Once the driver was on the computer I had to go into my device manager on my computer and find out what Com Port my phone was on.

    It was clearly labled on Com Port 7 for my computer. If your phone is not being found in the Bitmin software...look to make sure what port your phone is on.

    My Bitmin was reading it on com port 6. It was very simple to change it on Bitmin to go to port 7 and it pulled all the info off the phone. Pictures, contacts, etc.

    Dont have the phone plugged in while installing the Sprint stuff, you will have to restart.

  2. After the Sprint stuff is installed I opened control panel then System, then click the Hardware tab, then click on device manager. Go down to Universal Serial Bus controllers and right click on the Sanyo USB Composite Device... then click properties. My phone was on COM0 then later it was on COM6 This seems to change and I dont know why.

    Then open bitpim click edit and settings in the com port line type in where your phone is (for me it was COM6, typed in just like that) It took a few minutes for the bitpim to read all the stuff. On the left click media then either camera or images. My pics were in camera and I was able to drag and drop the pictures I want onto my desktop. Im not worried about the other stuff Ill try messing with that later.

Hope the above user experience can help you on troubleshooting problems during the Sanyo Katana phone modem driver installation.

Download Sanyo Katana 8500 Phone Modem Driver here.

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