Applies to
SanDisk Sansa M200 Series USB MP3 Players

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista




Driver Date & Version
n/a (rev. 1.0)


Windows 2000 will recognize Sansa M250 as removable storage. It will shows as an flash driver, as long as you have set it correctly as MSC mode (Mass Storage Class). Please be aware the default USB setting in Sansa M250 is set to MTP.

Here is some explanation on MSC and MTP modes:

  1. MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) is a Microsoft designed protocol that complies with the Digital Rights Management, for use with music subscription services.
  2. MSC (Mass Storage Class) is a protocal for the Sansa M250 player to act as a removable hard drive--lets you simply drag and drop like any other removable hard drive.
  3. To switch modes on the player, go to: Menu > settings > USB

    Select MSC for simple drag and drop functionality.

    Auto Detect is set to MTP mode by default. If you want to sync with Rhapsody, WMP10, Music Match, or any of those cumbersome applications.

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