Applies to
Sansa C240 (also applicable for C200 series) MP3 Players.


SanDisk Corporation


926 KB

Driver Date & Version
06/19/2007 (ver. 1.0)


This is the PDF user guide for Sandisk Sansa C200 series MP3 players, so you can use it for your Sansa C240 for sure. Inside this user guide, you will learn on:

  1. how to start using your Sansa C240,
  2. playback,
  3. charging the Li-ion battery,
  4. using Hold and Record switch,
  5. connect Sansa C240 to your PC,
  6. transfer music files and image files,
  7. using the buttons and FM radio modes
  8. lastly you can learn the settings modes and change settings based on your own preferences.

Download Sansa C240 Manual here.

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