Applies to
Samsung Bluetooth Mono Headset WEP500




3.24 MB

Driver Date & Version
July 2007 (ver. 1.1 GH68-15049A)


This is the compact quick start guide and features and functions guide for Samsung Bluetooth Mono Headset WEP500.

As usual for a bluetooth headset, here are the four steps to get you started using WEP500 headset:

  1. Charging the WEP500 headset.
  2. Put WEP500 into pairing mode.
  3. Turn on phone bluetooth and pair with WEP500 headset.
  4. Test and use.

Above is just a simple summary of steps to do to make use of your Bluetooth WEP500 headset. For more detailed instructions, please refer to the PDF user manual.

Download Samsung WEP 500 User Guide here.

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