Applies to
Samsung SGH-c417 Series Portable Quad-Band Mobile Phone P O R T A B L E Q u a d - B A N D M O B I L E P H O N E

Windows, MacOS, Linux, PDF Reader



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Driver Date & Version
06/08/06 (ver. d2)


This is the user guide for Samsung SGH-c417 series mobile phone and you are advices to read this manual before operating your phone and keep it for future reference.

Sections in Samsung SGH-c417 User Manual

  1. Getting Started
  2. Understanding your phone
  3. Call Functions
  4. Menu Navigation
  5. Entering Text
  6. Understanding Your Address Book
  7. Messaging
  8. Changing Your Settings
  9. Personal Assistant
  10. WAP Settings for SGH-c417
  11. Accessibility
  12. Health and Safety Information
  13. Warranty Information

Download Samsung SGH-c417 User Guide here.

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