Applies to
Samsung SGH-A412 and SGH-A411 (Prepaid version of A412)




1.04 MB

Driver Date & Version
2007/10/02 (ver. 1.0)


If you are looking for Samsung SGH-A412 user manual in, you can actually find Samsung A412 product information page as well as the driver/manual download page under Australian site section. However, the time I checked only software/drivers for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista available, no manual download links are available. So no luck here.

Further checking on the Internet on other mobile phone related website, I managed to find this piece of useful information. According to, Samsung A412 is actually the postpaid version of Samsung A411 (Prepaid version). Below is the extract of words:

The recently released Samsung A412 and prepaid sister the A411 will lead the race ...

Now our job is easier. Since we know that Samsung A411 is the prepaid version of Samsung A412, they are most likely the same models, or at least having slight variation of cosmetic changes but with major specifications remain the same. Compare to Samsung A412, user manual for A411 is easily available for download online.

Please bare in mind I do not have a Samsung SGH-A412 so I do not know if the user manual for SGH-A411 is applicable or not. From the user manual seems that both SGH-A412 and SGH-A411 are Australian specific models, with Samsung A412 bundled with a Bluetooth headset in box that support Bluetooth 2.0 connections.

Samsung A412 Specifications

  1. Compact clamshell design HSDPA Broadband up to 1.8 Mbps
  2. External RF connection for use with car kit.
  3. Includes Smasung Bluetooth headset in box, using Bluetooth 2.0 connections.
  4. UMTS (850MHz) and GSM (900/1800/1900 MHz) supported.
  5. Dimention: 94 x 48.5 x 19.5mm, 88g
  6. 2 inches LCD with 65 color (Internal)
  7. 1 inch black and white screen (External)
  8. VGA camera
  9. Video recording/playback.
  10. 54 MB internal memory.
  11. Support USB 1.1 standard.
  12. Speakerphone
  13. Offline Mode/Airplane mode.
  14. Music Player (MP3, AAC, AAC+)
  15. Pictbridge & Bluetooth printing
  16. Email Client - POP3, IMAP4

Download Samsung SGH-A412 Mobile Phone Silver W Bluetooth Headset Manual here.

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