Applies to
Samsung SCL770 Hi8 Color LCD Video Camera with USB interface (Not Applicable for SCL700, SCL710 and SCL750 which do not have USB interface)

Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP



38.60 MB

Driver Date & Version
12/21/2000 (ver. 1.9967.1.2000)


This USB 2.0 driver for Samsung SCL770 Hi8 video camera is located with the help from Although the driver file itself is located in Samsung website but it is not listed at SCL770 support and driver download page. It is funny that you need to go to 3rd party website just to get the driver file.

Anyway, there are two files listed: by the file name I guess one is for PAL system ( while the other is for NTSC system ( The NTSC version is much larger than the PAL version (34 MB vs 5 MB). Anyway I have packed them together into one single file.

Samsung SCL770 USB 2.0 Media Player Driver Installation

  1. Download and open the zip driver file. You will see two files. One is for PAL and the other one is for NTSC (see file name).
  2. Open the file which suit your TV system. Run SETUP.exe
  3. Basically the driver/program is installed in the following folder: c:/programfiles/samsung/USB Media 2.0
  4. Connect Samsung SCl770 to the PC.
  5. PC finds a new hardware and installa a driver automatically.
  6. If the driver is installed, the installation is complete.
  7. Execute USB Media 2.0 Player on the Windows.

According to Samsung SCL770 owners manual, USB interface is available for SCL770 model only. So I guess among the SCL7xx series, SCL700, SCL710 and SCL750 do not have the USB interface.

Here is some information on the USB interface on SCL770. To transfer a digital image through a USB connection, you can easily do so without additional add-on cards via a USB connection. If you transfer data to a PC, you need to install the software (driver , editing software) supplied with the comcorder.

One additional information I think you should know: When you have installed and setup USB MEDIA 2.0 Player but when you connect the video camera with PC, sound from camera is not getting in PC movie and showing clearly. You may have this problem if you DO NOT connect an audio cable that goes from the camera to the PC. USB cable won\'t send audio, only image. So please take note of this issue.

Some technical information of the Samsung SCL USB 2.0 Media Player driver:

  1. The Windows 2000 and Windows XP driver installation INF file contains installation formation for USBW9967, a WDM capture driver that requires video camera with W9967.
  2. Winbond W99681 PC Camera Driver Disk
  3. Samsung Camcorder USB-U01m, W9968 Dual Mode Camera (VFW).

Download Samsung SCL770 USB Media Player Drivers here.

3 thoughts on “Samsung SCL770 USB Media Player Drivers

  • Debbie May 13, 2010 1:21 am #

    I’m trying to download the driver for scl770 camcorder. I’ve done the updates but it still can’t find the driver. What can I do?

  • cathie August 14, 2012 9:34 am #

    need a software driver to upload my Samsung camcorder SCL770 to my pc I have an xp, vista, and windows 7 I don’t care witch one I use I can not find the cd sorftware

  • Roy September 6, 2022 10:54 am #

    Estoy en la misma situación que usted, si logra solucionarlo me avisa por favor, 🙏. Gracias


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