Applies to
Samsung DVDROM SD-616T

DOS, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP



988.00 KB

Driver Date & Version
9/15/2003 (ver. F311)


This is the DOS Based Firmware Flash Utility update for Samsung SD-616T 16X DVD ROM drive.

This is a DOS based utility. The update will create a bootable diskette that must be used under DOS (not under Windowed DOS box). This flash will update the drive\'s firmware to F311. You must remove the floppy disc and reboot the system before using the drive.If the firmware reflash fails ( e.g., system hangs, etc. ), reboot the system and try again.

If you are having problem with your Samsung SD-616T DVDROM drive, this F311 firmware will solve the problems such as Windows XP/2K media installation issue and The Thing CD game issue.

AS this firmware is provided by Dell for the following Dell systems, you may want to check if your Samsung SD-616T meet the requirement before download and update the firmware:

  1. Dimension 4600
  2. Dimension 2200
  3. Dimension 2350
  4. Dimension 4200 (Germany and Japan Only)
  5. Dimension 2100
  6. Dimension 2300
  7. Dimension 4300
  8. Dimension 4300S
  9. Dimension 4400
  10. Dimension 4500
  11. Dimension 4500S
  12. Dimension 4550
  13. Dimension 8200
  14. Dimension 8250
  15. Dimension 8300
  16. Dimension 8300N
  17. Dimension 2400
  18. XPS/Dimension XPS
  19. OptiPlex GX270
  20. OptiPlex GX270N
  21. OptiPlex GX50
  22. OptiPlex GX60
  23. OptiPlex GX60N
  24. OptiPlex GX150
  25. OptiPlex 160L
  26. OptiPlex GX260
  27. OptiPlex GX260N
  28. OptiPlex GX400
  29. SmartPC 350D
  30. SmartPC 450D
  31. Dell Precision WorkStation 340
  32. Dell Precision WorkStation 350
  33. Dell Precision WorkStation 360
  34. Dell Precision WorkStation 360N
  35. Dell Precision WorkStation 450
  36. Dell Precision WorkStation 450N
  37. Dell Precision WorkStation 530
  38. Dell Precision WorkStation 650
  39. Dell Precision WorkStation 650N

As the firmware is updated under DOS mode, it does not matter what OS you are using, including Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows Me, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Download Samsung DVDROM SD-616T Firmware here.

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