Applies to
Samsung Digital Camcorder VP-D82/D83/D85/D87D/D87/VP-D82i/D83i/D85i/D87i/D87Di

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Samsung, SitecSoft Co.


1.93 MB

Driver Date & Version
07/24/2001 (Ver.

To transfer video from your Samsung Digital Camcorder VP-D87i, you will need to install the USB driver and the DVC Media 4.0 program.

You will need to make sure that:

  1. The Samsung VP-D87i camcorder is not connected to the USB port before installing the program.
  2. No other scanner or camera is connected to the USB ports during the installing.

Download the zip driver file. Unzip to a temporary folder and run the setup.exe. Follow on-screen instructions to continue the setup.

If you have any doubt during the installation of the driver, have a look at the Samsung Digital Camcorder VP-D87i User Manual. Help on driver installation is at page 79 of the user manual.

Download Samsung Digital Camcorder VP-D87i Driver here.

2 thoughts on “Samsung Digital Camcorder VP-D87i Driver

  • omprakash

    Thanks for camcorder driver D87i

  • omprakash

    Thanks for camcorder driver D87i


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