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Samsung SC-D263, SC-D362, SC-D363, SC-D364, SC-D365 and SC-D366 Digital Video Cameras

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1-11-2006 (ver. 1.0)


This manual is available in both English and Espanol languages. English being on the left hand side of the page while Espanol is on the right hand side. Maybe it is a good way to learn some Espanol as well ;)

The 106-pages long manual is labeled as Owners Instruction Book and Samsung advices the users to read this manual thoroughly and to retain it for future reference.

User can make easy reference to any section they would like to read by referring to the table of content in page 2 to 4. For technical specification of Samsung SC-D263, SC-D362, SC-D363, SC-D364, SC-D365 and SC-D366 Digital Video Cameras, you can find them on Page 103.

Specification for Samsung Digital Video Camera SC-D263/D362/D363/D364/D365/D366

Video signalNTSC
Video recording system2 rotary heads, Helical scanning system
Audio recording systemRotary heads, 12/16b PCM system
Usable cassetteDigital video tape (6.35mm width): Mini DV cassette
Tape speedSP: approx. 18.81mm/s

LP: approx. 12.56mm/s

Tape recording timeSP: 60 minutes (when using DVM 60)

LP: 90 minutes (when using DVM 60)

FF/REW timeApprox. 150 sec. (using DVM60 tape)
Image deviceCCD (Charge Coupled Device) (680k pixels)
LensF1.6 30x: SC-D263/D363

33x: SC-D362/D364/D365/D366

1200x(Digital) Electronic zoom lens

Filter diameterØ27
LCD Screen/Viewfinder
Size/dot number2.5inch 112K(SC-D263/D362/D363/D364 only)

2.7inch(wide) 230K(SC-D365/D366 only)

LCD Screen MethodTFT LCD
ViewfinderColor LCD
Video output1Vp-p (75 ohm terminated)
S-video outputY: 1Vp-p, 75 ohm, C: 0. 286Vp-p,

75 ohm (SC-D362/D364/D365/D366 only)

Audio output-7.5dBs (600 ohm terminated)
DV input/output4pin special in/out connector
USB outputMini-B type connector
External micØ3.5 stereo

Power sourceDC 8.4V, Lithium Ion Battery Pack 7.4V
Power source typeLithium Ion Battery Pack, Power supply (100V~240V) 50/60Hz
Power consumption


3.9W(LCD), 3.7W(Viewfinder)
Operating temperature0°~40°C (32°F~104°F)
Storage temperature-20°C ~ 60°C (-4°F ~ 140°F)
External dimensionHeight 3.62inches(93mm)

Length 4.63inches(105mm)

Width 2.52inches(53mm)

Weight0.904lb (350g, 14.46oz) (Except for Lithium Ion Battery Pack and tape)
Internal MICOmni-directional stereo microphone
Remote control

(SC-D364/D366 only)

Indoors: greater than 49ft(15m) (straight line)

Outdoors: about 16.4ft(5m) (straight line)

Download Samsung Digital Cam SC-D363 Operator Manual here.

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