Applies to
Fujitsu S7010 Notebook

Windows 2000, Windows XP

Fujitsu America, Inc.



Driver Date & Version
N/A (V8.0.12.9000)


Please find below guideline on how to download Fujitsu S7010 driver:

  1. The download page will direct you to Fujitsu America support home page. From the page, choose your product from the [Select Product] option by choosing [Notebook PC].
  2. Then from the [Select Series] selection, scroll down to the [S Series] located almost at the bottom of the selection.
  3. Then from the [Select Model] choose [S7010] and then click on the red color Go button.
  4. The list of available driver download for S7010 will be listed on the page. You will find BIOS update, Windows 2000 compatible drivers and Windows XP compatible drivers.
  5. Note that the list of available driver can only be view using Firefox 4.0.1 browser. I tried using Internet Explorer 9 version 9.0.1 to view the list, but after clicking the Go button, no driver listing is being displayed.

Download S7010 Driver here.

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