Applies to
Trio3D/1X-/2X (360,362,368) - 86C360 Trio3D/1X (8A13), 86C362 Trio3D/2X (8A13), 86C368 Trio3D/2X (8A13)

Windows 2000, Windows XP

S3 Graphics


767.0 KB

Driver Date & Version
2000 Jun 30 (ver. 5.30.05)


This is the S3 windows 2000/XP Beta Display Driver v.5.30.05 for Trio3D/2X (DeviceID 8A13) and S3 Trio 2x 8 Mg AGP video cards.

S3 Graphics has already annouced End-of-Support for the driver and will no longer provide drivers for new operating systems (Windows Vista in this case) or any other support for these devices.

So basically this driver is the latest version and will not be updated. Save it somewhere else too as it may be taken down from the website later.

Download S3 Trio 2x 8 Mg AGP Video Driver here.

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