Applies to
S3 Trio64V2, 86C775 Trio64V2/DX (8901), 86C785 Trio64V2/GX (8901)

Windows 95, 98, ME

S3 Graphics Co., Ltd.


184 KB

Driver Date & Version
1998 Mar 2 (ver.


Since S3 Trio64V2 is an older product of S3, S3 has issued an END OF SUPPORT ANNOUNCEMENT, saying that:

S3 Graphics will no longer provide drivers for new operating systems or any other support for S3 Trio64V2.

The drivers provided below are the latest versions and will not be updated.

So the latest driver support available will be up to Windows 98. However if you are using Windows 2000 and XP, you may find that Windows already provide driver supports for your S3 Trio64V2 natively.

S3 Trio64V2 Driver Installation Process

  1. Click Start, then Settings, then Control Panel.
  2. Start the applet program.
  3. Select the page, push the button.
  4. Push the button in the area.
  5. Push the button and press .
  6. Specify the path to the new driver and press the key:
  7. Type in the name of the directory where you copied the drivers, either on your local hard drive or on a network share.
  8. If you are not sure exactly where the drivers are, choose the Browse button to find them.
  9. The Select Device dialog box will appear. Select the adapter that corresponds to the one you installed in your machine and click OK.
  10. Windows 95 will copy the display drivers to the proper directories on your system.
  11. Continue choosing Close until asked to restart your machine from the dialog box.
  12. After the system has restarted, you can go back into the Display applet and select alternate screen resolutions and color depths.

Download S3 Trio64V2 Driver here.

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