Applies to
Logitech RX300 Optical Mouse 3D (M-BU115)

Windows XP, Windows Vista



55.0 MB

Driver Date & Version
2/14/2008 (ver. 4.4)


The file version, file size and file locations are same for both Windows XP and Windows Vista, thus I assume the same driver works for both versions of Windows.

After installing Setpoint software you will enjoy extra feature beside basic functionality.

If you have already migrated to Vista with an existing version of SetPoint, it is recommend that you uninstall it and re-install a fresh copy of SetPoint to ensure your devices function properly.

If you do not already run Windows Vista, and you are planning to upgrade your system, then you are recommend completely uninstalling Logitech SetPoint prior to running the Vista setup and migration tool. You will still be able to use the basic functionality of your RX300 mouse mouse during the transition.

Once Vista is completely finished configuring your computer, return to this page to download and install a fresh copy of SetPoint. This will ensure that you enjoy the full functionality of your Logitech RX300 mouse under the new operating system.

Download RX300 Mouse Driver here.

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