Applies to
Ricoh Caplio 500SE, R30, R3, R40, R4, GR DIGITAL, GX8, R2, R1V, RZ1, R1, GX, RX, G4 series, G3 series, 300G, 400Gwide, 500Gwide and RR30.

Windows Vista (32bit), Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98SE

Ricoh Co. Ltd.


8.60 MB

Driver Date & Version
3/23/2007 (ver.


According to the driver specification, the following Ricoh digital camera are supported by this driver:

  1. Caplio R6
  2. Caplio R5
  3. Caplio R40/R4
  4. Caplio R30/R3
  5. Caplio R1V/R1/RZ1/GX/RX
  6. Caplio GX8/R2
  7. Caplio GR DIGITAL
  8. Caplio G3/G3M/G3S
  9. Caplio 500SE
  10. Caplio 500Gwide
  11. Caplio 400Gwide/G4/G4wide
  12. Caplio 300G/RR30

New features for this latest version of Ricoh 500SE driver are added support for Windows Vista compatible and add the Caplio R6 into compatible models of Caplio software.

Installation for Ricoh 500SE Driver

  1. The RICOH Gate La software is installed in your system, which enables you to transfer images from your camera to your computer
  2. The following drivers are installed in your system dependant on your operating system.
    1. USB driver
    2. WIA driver
    3. DU-10/CaplioViewer (for Windows Vista only)
  3. Part 1: Install Ricoh Gate La software
    1. Download the file [caplio-500se-driver.exe] in your computer and double click to decompress it.
    2. Find the [Setup.exe] in the [Disk 1] folder, and double click to run the setup, and then follow the instructions.
    3. After rebooting a computer, the Windows security alert may appear. Check the program name on the message. If it is about the [RICOH Gate La] from Ricoh, click the [Unblock] button
  4. Part 2: Install WIA Driver (after part 1 is complete)
    1. At the first time you connect a camera to a Windows Vista computer, the WIA driver installation will start. Note that the following two items.
    2. When you are asked the location of the driver software, click [Browse] button and navigate the location below and then click [Next] button.
    3. [C/Program Files/Caplio Software/WIA driver] which is the default location in the software installation.
    4. Window Security alert will appear that Windows cant verify the publisher of this driver software\'. But there is no problem in this installation, then click Install this driver software anyway to complete the installation.

Download Ricoh Caplio 500SE Drivers here.

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