Applies to
Realtek AC97 Audio, Realtek AC97 Audio for VIA Audio Controller

Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 2003 AMD 64-bit and Windows XP AMD 64-bit



28.10 MB

Driver Date & Version
2006-11-06 (ver. 61.56 Beta (


According to some forumers in, this Vista beta driver will only produce 2 channels sound for their Realtek AC97 sound chips. However, there might be a work around to get the 6 channels sound to be working (claimed to be working on Gigabyte K8NUltra-SLI (NForce4) mainboard.

  • Installs the beta driver for Windows Vista (2 channels are working)
  • Open soundmanager using the tray icon from realtek and set your speaker configuration to 6 channel and selecting the correct option for each jack . DO NOT CLOSE THE SOUNDMANAGER
  • Right click on Vista own speaker configuration on tray which is next to the clock.
  • Open PlaybackDevices, select from the list your hardware and click onfigure.On the left side select 5.1Surround and you can hit test to check if everything is allright.
  • If your jack-speaker setup (in soundman) is correct, before clicking next on Vista\'s speaker setup go back to soundman and change speaker config to 4 channel and back to 6 channel. OK. Click NEXT on Vista speaker setup.
  • Again in soundman change to 4ch and back to 6ch. Hit Next.
  • Again in soundman 4ch and 6ch.At the end hit finish.If you did it right, Vista remembered your choices and you have 6 ch audio.

    As this is only a beta version driver, please bear in mind some functionalities might not be working as expected or some bugs might exists. So always backup your data before installing this driver to your PC.

  • Download Realtek AC97 Audio Codec Driver for Vista 61.56 Beta here.

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