Applies to
AMD SB600 and PromiseĀ® T3 RAID used in MSI K9A2 Platinum Motherboard

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP



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Driver Date & Version
2010-04-16 (XP/XP64 Ver: 2.500.1540.48

Vista 32/64 Ver: 2.5.1540.48

Win7 32/64 Ver: 2.5.1540.17)


According to MSI K9A2 Platinum motherboard specification, K9A2 has the following SATA and eSATA ports configurations:

  1. 4 SATA II (1~4) ports by AMD SB600
  2. 2 SATA II (5~6) ports by Promise T3, support SAS ready devices, for storage devices only
  3. 2 eSATA ports by Promise T3, for storage devices only

    Supports storage and data transfers at up to 3Gb/s

MSI K9A2 Platinum has two different RAID controllers build in the same motherboard:

  1. AMD SB600, supporting SATA II 1~4 support RAID 0, 1 and 0+1 mode by
  2. Promise T3, supporting SATA II 5~6 & 2 eSATA ports support RAID 0, 1 and 0+1 mode.
Thus you will need to install two drivers in order to fully utilize SATA II port 1 to 4 (AMD SB400) and SATA II port 5 and 6 (Promise T3).

MSI K9A2 Platinum RAID (AMD SB400) Information and Driver Installation

  1. ATI SB600 RAID driver has a newer Windows 7 driver support dated 2010-04-16, compare to Promise T3 RAID driver.
  2. Extract the file and Copy all files to the floppy.
  3. Press F6 to install driver through the floppy when booting and loading RAID function.
  4. XP/XP64 Ver: 2.500.1540.48
  5. Vista 32/64 Ver: 2.5.1540.48
  6. Win7 32/64 Ver: 2.5.1540.17

MSI K9A2 Platinum RAID (Promise T3) Information and Driver Installation

  1. Promise T3 RAID driver was last updated on 2008-04-10, thus no Windows 7 driver listed.
  2. Win XP Ver.: 1.1.1030.27
  3. Win 2K Ver.: 1.1.1030.27
  4. Vista32/64 Ver.: 1.1.1030.47

MSI K9A2 Platinum is not supported under Windows 98 and ME, due to limitation of the chipset used.

Download RAID Driver for MSI K9A2 Platinum here.

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