Applies to
Proxima Desktop Projector 5900

User Guide / Manual



5.42 MB

Driver Date & Version
Nov 1997 (ver. 1.0)


This is a scanned version of user manual for Proxima 5900 Desktop Projector. The user manual is quite old and was dated 1997. As the user manual is scanned as image and no OCR is performed, thus you will not be able to perform text search. However you can print it out for easier reference.

The 52-pages long user manual for Pronima 5900 is actually very clear and easy to read, although some text and illustration may look wash out a bit.

As usual, you will find some common chapters such as introduction, setting up guide, connecting up, remote control, menu options and other trouble shooting and maintenance information on the user manual. A pretty complete and good reference user manual in my opinion. Every owner of Proxima 5900 should have one of this.

Download Proxima 5900 Manual here.

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