Applies to
Multiple Proview Monitor Models (See Description for the full list)

Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98



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Driver Date & Version
03/29/2005 (ver. 2.04)


Inside the zip file there are three versions of the drivers (ver. 2.02, 2.03 and 2.04). Users are advised to use the latest Proview monitor driver from ver 2.04 folder.

Supported Proview Electronics Monitor Models

  1. Proview 14-inch 456/458/462
  2. Proview 15-inch 566/568/570
  3. Proview 16-inch 720/722
  4. Proview 17-inch 765/768/770
  5. Proview 15-inch 571/572/572N
  6. Proview 17-inch 769/769N/771/772/772N
  7. Proview 15-inch 558/561/562
  8. Proview 17-inch 775/776/778
  9. Proview 17-inch 785/786/786N
  10. Proview 17-inch 796/796N
  11. Proview 19-inch 986/986N/986NS/986FS/986PF
  12. Proview 19-inch 998/998A/998N
  13. Proview 21-inch 215
  14. Proview 10-inch 250
  15. Proview 19-inch PV-1995S
  16. Proview 330 (LCD 13.3-inch)
  17. Proview 510/560/580 (LCD 15-inch)
  18. Proview 560/580 (LCD 15-inch Pivot)
  19. Proview 600/660 (LCD 15-inch Pivot)
  20. Proview BM-468 (LCD 14-inch)
  21. Proview BM-568 (LCD 15-inch)
  22. Proview BM-780 (LCD 17-inch)
  23. Proview 17-inch 777/777N Pure Flat
  24. Proview 17-inch 787/787NS/787PF Pure Flat
  25. Proview 17-inch 797/797N Pure Flat
  26. Proview 19-inch 997/997N Pure Flat
  27. Proview 19-inch PD/ID-950F Diamondtron Pure Flat
  28. Proview 15-inch 562NS/562FS
  29. Proview 15-inch 572NS/570FS/572FS
  30. Proview 17-inch 772NS/771/772FS/772PF
  31. Proview 17-inch 777NS/777PF/778NS
  32. Proview 17-inch 786NS/786FS/786PF
  33. Proview 17-inch 796NS/796N/796PF/796PF2/796FS
  34. Proview 17-inch 797NS/797N/797PF
  35. Proview 19-inch 987NS/987PF
  36. Proview 19-inch 996NS/996N/996FS/996PF
  37. Proview 19-inch 997NS/997N/997PF
  38. Proview 15-inch HD572
  39. Proview 17-inch HD772
  40. Proview 19-inch HD972
  41. Proview 19-inch HD972DT
  42. Proview 15-inch PS576
  43. Proview 17-inch LT776s
  44. Proview 18-inch HD872
  45. Proview 401/420/456/468/482 (LCD 14-inch)
  46. Proview 533/541/552/556/561/562/565/566/567/568 (LCD 15-inch)
  47. Proview 506I/572I/572V/576D/576I/580I/588I (LCD 15-inch)
  48. Proview 576W (LCD 15-inch wide)
  49. Proview 576W (LCD 15-inch wide)
  50. Proview 702/713/717/723/727/765/770/772/773/776/778/780/782/787 (LCD 17-inch)
  51. Proview 770I/705I/776I/780I/782I (LCD 17-inch)
  52. Proview 765W (LCD 17-inch wide)
  53. Proview 861/865/867/872 (LCD 18-inch)
  54. Proview 913/917/923/927/965/972 (LCD 19-inch)
  55. Proview 905I/970I/976D/980D/982D (LCD 19-inch)
  56. Proview 501/502/505/513/517/520/523/527 (LCD 15-inch)
  57. Proview 570/572/573/576/580/582/586/587/589/590/598 (LCD 15-inch)

Proview Monitor Driver Installation Steps

  1. Go to [Display Properties]. You can access this either by simply clicking the right mouse button from the desktop and selecting [Properties] or going to [Control Panel] and selecting [Monitor].
  2. Go to the [Settings] tab and select [Advanced]. It may say [Advanced Properties] or [Change Display Type] for some Win95 users.
  3. Click on the [Monitor] tab. Here it will tell you which monitor driver you are currently using, or it may say it is unknown. If it says, [Plug & Play] this should work too, but you may experience higher resolution and color using our Proview (Magview) driver.
  4. Click on [Change]. This is to change the monitor driver. Windows may start to build a driver information database, which is o.k. If this happens, click [Next] until you can see a button that says [Have Disk].
  5. Click on [Have Disk]. This is to load the driver proview2.04.inf from your hard drive. This file is most likely on your hard drive under C:/proview which was created by the self-extracting/executing file you downloaded.
  6. Click on [Browse]. You should see a box that says [Install From Disk]. Windows 95 may differ slightly.
  7. Find our [proview2.02.inf] file, select it and click [OK]. This file should be in your [C:/proview-558/ver 2.04] directory.
  8. You will be returned to [Install From Disk] Click [OK]. This should bring up a list of Proview (or Magview) Drivers.
  9. Highlight the Proview (or Magview) driver that matches your monitors product number. Click [OK] or [Next] all the way through, then click [Finish]. Windows may build a driver database file. This will take a few seconds if it does. After its done, it will bring you back to [Advanced] in [Display Properties].
  10. In [Advanced] click [Apply]. It will ask you if you wish to restart your computer or apply the setting without restarting. (Your choice - PICK ONE). If you choose to restart your computer, the new driver will take place automatically.

    If you choose to apply new settings without restarting your computer, it will pop up a few boxes asking you if this is OK. Click [OK] on all the boxes. The new settings should take place and you will be returned to [Display Properties]. From here, if you wish to resize your screen or change the number of colors you want to use, click on the [Settings] tab and select your choices accordingly.

  11. Lastly it is recommended that you reboot your computer so all the changes can take affect.

Download Proview 558 Drivers here.

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