Applies to
Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II Photo Printer


Canon Inc.


1.60 MB

Driver Date & Version
2009-06-11 (ver. 1.0)


To get the actual cost of operation for Canon PIXMA Pro 9000 (and Pro 9500 too, just in case you need it), we need to refer to the official specification from Canon.

According to a PDF brochure released by Canon New Zealand (applied to models all around the world, I guess), from the Specification section, we know that PIXMA Pro Mark II is using these ink tanks:


and the ink yield (estimation) is as follow:

  1. 11 X 14 in. image:
  2. CLI8C – approx70,
  3. CLI8M – approx 59,
  4. CLI8Y – approx 46,
  5. CLI8BK – approx 76,
  6. CLI8PC – approx 37,
  7. CLIPM – approx 26,
  8. CLI8G – approx 505,
  9. CLI8R – approx 500
To get the estimated cost of operation, you will need to know the price of paper, ink tank and normal maintenance cost, then divided them with number of printing/photos.

For a complete hardware specification, please refer to Page 6 of the PDF brochure.

Download PIXMA Pro 9000 MKII Photo Printer Cost of Operation here.

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