Applies to
Prolink PixelView PV-BT878P

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Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP


FileName (Capture driver and application)

742 KB

Driver Date & Version
10/3/02 (n/a)

This driver is for PixelView PV BT878p TV Tuner (PixelView Meeting PAK / PAK Lite). It can be used in Windows 98, WIndows 2000 and Windows XP.

After you installed the driver for PixelView PV BT878p TV Tuner, you can use your PC to capture, record, edit TV programs or Video from devices, such as DVD, VCD, VCR, Video Camcorder, TV Game box and so on, all from your Windows PC.

PixelView PV BT878p TV Tuner also offers a cost effective solution to enhance the captured video quality via interface of High-Speed USB 2.0. It makes your PC becomes an advanced digital video recorder.

PixelView PV BT878p TV Tuner Driver

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