Applies to
Pioneer DVD Writer DVR-115, DVR-115BK, DVR-115SV

MS DOS (See description for Windows XP, 2000, 98, 95 ATAPI Driver)



69.6 KB

Driver Date & Version
12/24/1998 (ver. 307)


Win95/98/2000/ME/XP and NT do not require any additional device drivers to control the here below mentioned drives as they will use their own generic device drivers.

Installing the MS-DOS drivers below on a Windows-95/98/NT or 2000 system will cause problems as they will conflict with the generic drivers.

If you are adding the DVD Drive to a system that already has Windows 95/98/2000 installed the DVD Drive will be automatically recognized and these drivers should not be installed.

All files are generally self extracting archives. Place the EXE file into its own directory and then execute. After extraction refer to the included readme.txt or instruction file and follow these explicitly.

ZIP files require an extraction utility such as WinZip.

Pioneer 115 ATAPI Dos Driver Installation

  1. Download the driver file ATAPI307.ZIP and extract to a temporary folder e.g. c:/atapi/
  2. Execute SETUP.EXE and copy the device driver to install directory and rewrite CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT with SETUP.EXE.
  3. Reboot PC with the new configuration and you should be able to use your Pioneer 115 DVD drive now.

Download Pioneer 115 Atapi Driver here.

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