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Philips DVDR985 Digital Video Disc Recorder




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n/a (ver. 3104 125 24291)


Owners manual for Philips DVDR985 Digital Video Disc Recorder. This model is capable of both records DVD+RWs, DVD+Rs and plays prerecorded DVDs. TV programs and camcorder recording can be recorder and you can quickly access the recordings in the Index Picture Scree.

Features on Philips DVDR985

  1. Digital Theater System
  2. Dolby Digital Surround Sound
  3. DVD-Video Compatibility
  4. Fast Forward/Reverse Search
  5. i.LINK Digital Video (DV) connection
  6. Index Picture Screen
  7. NTSC/PAL compatibility
  8. Paused/Fast/Slow/Step-by-Step/Zoomed
  9. Playback
  10. Progressive Scan compatibility
  11. Repeat and Repeat A-B playback
  12. Time Search
  13. TruSurround by SRS
  14. VCR Plus+ Programming

Package Contents on Philips DVDR985

  1. DVD Recorder
  2. Remote control with two AA batteries
  3. AC power cord
  4. One blank Philips DVD+RW
  5. One RF coaxial cable (black with silver tip,
  6. with single prong in center of tip)
  7. One S-Video cable (black with silver tip)
  8. One three-strand Component Video Cable (ends have blue, green, and red stripes)
  9. Two two-strand audio cables (ends have red and white stripes)
  10. One composite video cable (end has a yellow stripe)
  11. This owners manual and registration materials
The 68 pages long owner manual provides enough information for you to use its feature fully. You will learn to connect to every connectors available and make programming/settings to the recorder.

Download Phillips DVDR 985 Owners Manual here.

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