Applies to
Philips BRILLIANCE 150P (15inch LCD MONITOR 150P2)

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP

Philips Consumer Electronics Co.


28.90 KB

Driver Date & Version
7/31/2001 (ver.


Phillips Brilliance 150 P2 15 inch LCD monitors were in the market around year 2001. According to Philips website, these variants of Brilliance 150 P2 models are produced:

  1. 150P2M Year 1997
  2. 150P2G/M/D Year 1998
  3. 150P2D/E Year 1999 till 2001

After examining the driver files for all the above models, seems that they are all pointing to the same file. The driver file supports Windows XP and below. Besides Brilliance 150 P2, the driver also support Phillips Brilliance 150 B2 and Brilliance 170 B2 LCD monitors. According to the driver setup information file, maximum resolution for Philips Brilliance 150 P2 is 1024x768 and it has build-in VESA DDC2B feature to support Plug & Play requirement for Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP.

Philips Brilliance 150 P2 Windows XP Driver Installation

  1. Start Windows XP
  2. Click the [Start] button and then click [Control Panel].
  3. Pick and click the category [Printers and Other Hardware
  4. Click the [Display] Item.
  5. Choose the [Settings] tab then click [Advanced] button.
  6. Choose [Monitor] tab

    If the [Properties] button is inactive, it means your monitor is properly configured. Please stop installation.

    If the [Properties] button is active. Click [Properties] button. Please follow next steps accordingly.

  7. Click the [Driver] tab and then click on [Update Driver...] button.
  8. Choose the [Install from a list or specific location [advanced]] radio button and then click on the [Next] button.
  9. Choose the [ Dont Search. I will choose the driver to install] radio button. Then click on the [Next] button.
  10. Click the [Have disk...] button then click the [Browse...] button. Then choose the appropriate drive F: ( CD-ROM Drive).
  11. Click the [Open] button, then click the [OK] button.
  12. Choose your monitor model and click the [Next] button.

    If you can see the [has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP] message please click the [Continue Anyway] button.

  13. Click [Finish] button then the [Close] button.
  14. Click [OK] button and then the [OK] button again to close the Display Properties dialog box.

Download Phillips Brilliance 150 P2 Driver here.

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