Applies to
Philips DVP642/37 DivX DVD player


Royal Philips Electronics


2.40 MB

Driver Date & Version
17-Aug-2005 (ver. 0603)


Before we proceed from here, first let me quote this from Philips DVP642/37 firmware download page:

[ Question: Where can I find the firmware upgrade? Answer: Currently there is no firmware update available.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. ]

You need to know the risk of flashing an incompatible firmware might void your warranty or turn your Philips DVP642/37 player inoperable.

If you are feeling adventurous, please proceed. After some searching, I have found the following information from doom9 forum:

[ ...all of the Philips firmware releases have been designed to run throughout the entire DVP6xx range.]

This software can be used to upgrade the following Philips DVD Players:

  1. DVP630/00
  2. DVP630/02
  3. DVP630/04
  4. DVP630/05
  5. DVP632/00
  6. DVP632/02
  7. DVP632/04
  8. DVP632/05
  9. DVP640K/69
  10. DVP640K/75
  11. DVP642/17
  12. DVP642/37
Since the directory of each models is browsable (example here), by digging deeper into Philips model specific directory, I managed to locate all the firmware update files as well as their last modified dates. By comparing the latest modified dates of every compatible models, we managed to find the one we need ;) See table below for the findings:

DVP630/00 23-Feb-2005 Download
DVP630/02 17-Aug-2005 <- Most recent date. Download
DVP630/04 23-Feb-2005 Download
DVP630/05 23-Feb-2005 Download
DVP632/00 23-Feb-2005 Download
DVP632/02 23-Feb-2005 Download
DVP632/04 23-Feb-2005 Download
DVP632/05 23-Feb-2005 Download
DVP640K/69 30-Nov-2004 Download
DVP640K/75 30-Nov-2004 Download
DVP642/17 n/a n/a
DVP642/37 n/a n/a

Finally, this is the readme file on how to perform firmware update for your Philips DVP642/37 players. Good luck.

Download Philips DVP642/37 Firmware Update here.

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