Applies to
Philips DVD+-RW DVD8801 (Most probably OEM to Dell Dimension/XPS/Optiplex/Precision systems)

Windows 2000, Windows Vista



946 KB

Driver Date & Version
4/13/2007 (ver. AD21, A04)


Philips DVD+-RW DVD8801 optical drive is a special customized model by Philips. It is sold only as part of a computer system (OEM). Dell is one of the major brands that uses Philips DVD+-RW DVD8801 in their desktop PC (Dell Dimension, XPS, Optiplex and Precision).

Philips driver download page for DVD8801 provided a driver update link (firmware update actually) to Dell. The firmware update software works in Windows 2000 and Windows Vista. Please see the list below for models applicable:

  1. Dimension 1100/B110
  2. Dimension 9100
  3. XPS/Dimension 410/9200
  4. Dimension 3100/E310
  5. Dimension 3100C
  6. Dimension E520
  7. Dimension 5100
  8. Dimension 5150/E510
  9. Dell Precision WorkStation 380
  10. Dell Precision WorkStation 390
  11. Dell Precision WorkStation 490
  12. Dell Precision WorkStation 690
  13. OptiPlex GX520
  14. OptiPlex GX620
  15. OptiPlex 320
  16. OptiPlex 745
  17. OptiPlex 745c
  18. OptiPlex 170L
  19. OptiPlex 170LN
  20. OptiPlex 210L
  21. OptiPlex 210LN
  22. Dell Precision WorkStation 470
  23. Dell Precision WorkStation 670
  24. XPS/Dimension 400/9150
  25. XPS/Dimension XPS 600 Renegade
  26. XPS/Dimension 700
  27. XPS/Dimension 600

What are the improvements of this new firmware for Philips DVD8801? Well, apparently the new firmware will make your DVD8801 compliant to internal Microsoft VISTA requirements. Please also be aware that you may need to wait a few minutes for the whole firmware flashing program to finish. Do not power off the PC during flashing or your Philips DVD8801 drive will be useless.

Philips DVD8801 Firmware Update Installation

  1. Download file and unzip
  2. Double click on the file [WinDWFlash V1.03.exe]
  3. Read the message and select OK
  4. Click on [Select Flash Image]
  5. Chose the file named [AD21.cvt]that was unzipped in step 1
  6. Eject any media that may in the the drive and close the tray
  7. Select [FLASH THE DRIVE !]
  8. DO NOT POWER DOWN THE SYSTEM until the flash is complete- this may take several minutes
  9. After FLASH complete, reboot the system

Download Philips DVD8801 Drivers here.

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