Applies to
Pentax Optio T10 Digital Camera

PDF Users Manual



2.12 MB

Driver Date & Version
Feb 2006 (ver. 1.0)


As stated in the users manual for Pentax optio T10 digital camera, you should at least read the chapters on getting Started and Camera Features while operating and using the Optio T10. This will help you familiar with how the camera works. In additional to these two must read chapters, you can also refer to the other chapters as necessary for information on additional camera features.

The user manual for Optio T10 is 163 pages long and is divided into 7 chapters, should be enough to help you get the most of your camera after reading it:

  1. Getting Started (must read)
  2. Camera Features (must read too)
  3. Taking Pictures
  4. Playing Back and Editing Images
  5. Printing Images
  6. Settings
  7. Appendix

Download Pentax Optio T10 Users Manual here.

One thought on “Pentax Optio T10 Users Manual

  • Ralph November 24, 2008 6:21 am #

    My laptop crashed with the original driver for the Pentax Optio T10. How can I get another? Thanks.


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