Applies to
Penpower WorldCard for Ultra/Color/Office JSFA8601CU Namecard scanner (also rebadge as Kensington PocketScan M/N: JSFA8601CU).

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Penpower Technology Ltd.


126 MB

Driver Date & Version
07/04/2010 (ver. 6.3b)


JSFA8601CU is the M/N number for Penpower WorldCard for Ultra/Color/Office namecard scanner. Same M/N number also have been found on Kensington PocketScan product, indicating maybe PocketScan is a rebadge version og Penpower WorldCard namecard scanner.

Meanwhile both Penpower and Kensington PocketScan having the same M/N JSFA8601CU, Kensington driver (ver. 6.2J) is actually older than Penpowerss (ver. 6.3b_EN), so please update to Penpower latest driver for more advanced support.

The latest driver for Penpower JSFA8601CU has the following improvements:

  1. Windows 7 driver support.
  2. Support ACT! 2009/2010 (Standard and Premium Edition).
  3. Support automatic removal of repeated information on both sides of the name cards.
The driver file is quite big (126MB) and you can also find the user manual for your Penpower JSFA8601CU in the same page.

Download Penpower JSFA8601CU Software here.

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