Applies to
Compaq PCtel Platinum V.90 Modem

Windows XP, Windows 2000

PCtel, Conexant


2.66 MB

Driver Date & Version
n/a (for XP, 2000)


This PCTel Platinum V.90 driver is the solution if your Windows is telling you that your current modem driver is not working with the current Windows version.

Conexant is the one currently providing driver support for PCTel Platinum V.90. What that means is PCTel is no longer providing support for this model which is outdated or discontinued by the original manufacturer, PCTel.

Please remove the current modem driver for your PCTel Platinum V.90 before trying to install the downloaded driver.

After uninstall the current driver, follow the steps below:

  • [Start] -> [Settings] -> [Control Panel]
  • Open [System] -> [Hardware] -> [Device Manager]
  • Click [Scan for hardware changes].

    When Windows found the PCTel Platinum V.90 modem, provide with the driver files that you have downloaded here.

  • Close the Wizard and restart your PC.

Last resort is to install the driver provided by Conexant and if that does not help, you will have to buy another new modem. Maybe from a more well known manufacturer, perhaps.

Additional Information for PCTel Platinum V.90 modem owner: The download driver works for HSP1789, HSP1688, HSP2303, HSP2304 and HSP2588 Modem chipsets.

Download PCTel Platinum V.90 Modem Driver here.

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    Thx alot

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