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Operating Instruction/User Manual for Panasonic PV-GS70K-S 3CCD Ultra-Compact Digital Palmcorder MultiCam Camcorder.


Panasonic Inc.


8.40 MB

Driver Date & Version
10/16/2003 (ver. LSQT0693A)


I tried to search for Panasonic PV-GS70K-S user manual over the Internet and all I found was this Panasonic PV-GS70 Operating Instruction PDF manual from Panasonic Website. What I think is PV-GS70K-S is a localized variation of PV-GS70 to be sold in certain region.

This manual I found on Panasonic website is available in two languages: English and Spanish. There are 114 pages in this 8.40 MB PDF manual file. The manual if search-able so you just look up the word/phrase faster by CTRL-F (press Ctrl key and F key together in your keyboard) and type in the words.

There are five chapters in the manual, ranging from

  1. Before Use
  2. Camera Mode
  3. VCR Mode
  4. Special Feature and
  5. Others
For normal users who want to just get started using their Panasonic PV-GS70 immediately without going deep into each function and features, they can just refer to the Quick Guide on page 12. You will learn just the basic to get you started in no time:
  1. Charge and attach the battery, insert cassette and start recording.
  2. Rewind, view playback using VCR mode.
  3. Brief description on controls and components.
  4. Remote controller, power supply and charging.
  5. Using Menu screen and list of menu.
  6. etc...

Technical Specification for Panasonic PV-GS70K-S DVD Camcorder

Digital Palmcorder
Power Source: DC 7.9/7.2 V
Power Consumption:
Recording 6.0 W
Recording Format: Mini DV (Consumer-use Digital Video SD Format)
Tape Used: 6.35 mm digital video tape
Recording/Playback Time: SP: 80 min.;

LP: 120 min. (with DVM80)

Video Recording System: Digital Component
Television System: EIA Standard: 525 lines

60 Fields NTSC color signal

Audio Recording System: PCM Digital Recording

16 bit (48 kHz/2 track)

12 bit (32 kHz/4 track)

Image Sensor: 1/6-inch CCD Image Sensor
Lens: Auto Iris F1.8

Focal Length; 2.45-24.5 mm

Macro (Full Range AF)

Filter Diameter: 37 mm
Zoom: 10:1 Power Zoom
Monitor: 2.5-inch LCD
Finder: Color Electronic Viewfinder
Microphone: Stereo
Speaker: 1 round speaker 20 mm
Standard Illumination: 1400 lx
Minimum Required Illumination: 12 lx
Video Output Level: 1.0 Vp-p 75 ohm
S-Video Output Level: Y Output: 1.0 Vp-p 75 ohm

C Output: 0.286 Vp-p 75 ohm

Audio Output Level: 316 mV 600 ohm
Video Input Level: 1.0 Vp-p 75 ohm
S-Video Input Level: Y Input: 1.0 Vp-p 75 ohm

C Input: 0.286 Vp-p 75 ohm

Audio Input Level (Line): 316 mV 10 kohm or more
Mic Input: Mic sensitivity -50 dB

(0 dB = 1 V/Pa 1 kHz)

(Stereo mini jack)

USB: Card reader/writer function

(No copyright protection support)

USB 2.0 compliant (max. 12 Mbps)

Digital Interface: DV Input/Output Terminal

(IEEE1394 4-pin)

Dimensions: 2.80 (W) x 3.03 (H) x 5.20 (D) inch

71 (W) x 77 (H) x 132 (D) mm

Weight: 1.08 lbs. (490 g)

(without Battery and DV cassette)

Operating Temperature: 32 oF -104 oF (0 oC-40 oC)
Operating Humidity: 10% -80%
Card Memory Functions
Recording Media: SD Memory Card


Image Compression: JPEG
When the size of pictures is [640t480] FINE: approx. 45 pictures

NORMAL: approx. 95 pictures

ECONOMY: approx. 190 pictures

When the size of pictures is [1280t960] FINE: approx. 8 pictures

NORMAL: approx. 14 pictures

ECONOMY: approx. 20 pictures

Still Image Size: Mega-Pixel Recording;

1280k960 pixels

(1.23 million pixels)

VGA Recording;

640k480 pixels

Video Compression: MPEG4
MPEG4 Image Size:
SUPERFINE: 320k240 pixels (QVGA)
FINE: 176k144 pixels (QCIF)
NORMAL: 176k144 pixels (QCIF)
Sound Compression: G.726
WEB Camera
Compression: JPEG
Image Size: 160k120 pixels (QQVGA)
AC Adaptor Information for your safety
Power Source: AC 110-240 V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 19 W

0.5 W (When not in use.)

DC Output: DC 7.9 V 1.4 A

(Palmcorder Operation)

DC 8.4 V 0.65 A

(Battery Charging)

Dimensions: 2.40 (W) k1.26 (H) k3.58 (D) inch

61 (W) k32 (H) k91 (D) mm

Weight: 0.231lbs. (105 g)

Download Panasonic PV-GS70K-S Users Manual here.

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