Applies to
Gunze TPDD Touchscreen Driver for Panasonic Touchbook CF-29 Series notebooks.

Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME



7.26 MB

Driver Date & Version
5/10/2007 (ver. 3.000)


From what I have gathered Panasonic CF-29 TouchBook is using a touch screen panel from a Japanese company called Gunze Ltd. With CF-27 touch screen driver (Windows 95 version) from Panasonic website, we gathered that the touch screen driver is from Gunze.

Since we could not find a touch screen driver for CF-29 from Panasonic website (may need registration), we can try to download from Gunze website instead.

There are two versions of Gunze touch panel drivers, namely Commercial version and non-commercial version. You are downloading the non-commercial version in which no technical support will be provided for the touch screen driver software.

Some additional information on Gunze Touch Screen drivers:

  1. A touch panel is an input device that enables you to perform computer operations by touching a screen.
  2. It provides more intuitive operations than using a mouse or touch pad as you directly touch an icon or window.
  3. This software allows you to perform the following configurations through property screens.
    1. Double-click setting
    2. Operation mode setting
    3. Switching enable/disable for a touch panel
    4. Setting to use a touch panel with multi-monitors
    5. Switching a sound/beep produced when you touch
    6. Selection of event actions generated when you touch
    7. Icon display setting in a taskbar

Download Panasonic CF-29 Touchscreen Driver here.

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