Applies to
Panasonic Professional/Industrial Video AG-188U VHC Camcorder.

PDF Manual



1.13 MB

Driver Date & Version
4/19/2001 (ver. 1.0)


Ahh.. VHS camcorder. That was quite long time ago. This is the Operating Instruction manual for Panasonic AG-188U VHS camcorder.

For novice or normal users you will just need to refer to the first two chapters, which teaches you on camera recording and playing back the recorded video.

For more advanced users, you can learn more on some special features of your Panasonic AG-188U, such as:

  1. 2-Speed Power Zoom
  2. Rec End Search
  3. High Speed Shutter
  4. Audio/Video Fade in/out
  5. Back Light Button
  6. Focusing
  7. Copying Your Tape or in professional terms: Dubbing ;)

Spefications of Panasonic AG-188U Camcorder

Download Panasonic AG-188 Video Camera Manual here.

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