Applies to
Packard Bell Colour Jet 9000 PB9000 Printer

Windows 95

Packard Bell


1.24 MB

Driver Date & Version
12-3-1998 (ver. 1.00.00)


This is the original driver installation steps which includes a floppy drive that we no longer use now. No newer driver for Windows 2000, XP or Vista available.

After downloading, extract the file to an empty, formatted 1.44Mb floppy disk. To do so, type DISK1_1 A: from your DOS command prompt.

To install, doubleclick [Add Printer] in the Printers section of your Control Panel. If prompted for the manufacturer and type of the printer, click the Have Disk button and point to the disk you extracted the files on.

As we seldom use a floppy disk now, we can just download and extract the driver files to local hard disk.

Unpack and Installation

  1. Download DISK1_1.EXE to a temporary folder e.g. in c:/temp/.
  2. Run DISK1_1.EXE and press [Y]
  3. You will see the contents being extracted. Run setup.exe to continue.
  4. During installation of the Packard Bell Colour Jet 9000 printerdriver, backup copies of the following Windows files are created:
    2. WIN.INI
    3. VPD.386
  5. Each file is backed up with the same filename but with the extension LEX. For example, WIN.INI is backed up as WIN.LEX. This backup is performed strictly as a convenience to the user in the case that a nonrecoverable problem is encountered during the installation process.

Download Packard Bell Colour Jet 9000 Driver here.

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