Applies to

Windows XP 32bit/64bit, Windows Vista 32bit/64bit

Asustek Computer Inc. / Intel


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Driver Date & Version
04/15/2008 (ver.


This driver is listed as [ICH10R AHCI/RAID Driver Disk for Windows XP/Vista & 64bit XP/Vista.]. Upon inspecting on the driver file, I found 2 folders /32Bit/ and /64Bit/. Quite self-explanatory.

Depends on the version of your Windows (32bit or 64bit), you should find some cat, inf and sys files inside the folder. To install the driver:

  1. Extract the folders and files into a temporary folder e.g. C:/temp/
  2. Go to [Start] -> Settings -> [Control Panel] -> [System]
  3. Under [Hardware] -> [Device Manager]
  4. You should find [Disk drives] or something like [Intel Matrix Storage Manager]. Update the driver by double-click on the RAID device and you will find [Update Driver] under [Driver] tab.
  5. Browse to the temporary folder where you have extracted the driver files in step 1 and update the drivers.

Based on what I have found on some forums, you may need to do some additional steps inside the motherboard BIOS during startup. Here is some steps which you may want to look into just in case you face problems after installing the RAID drivers:

  1. Enter the BIOS Setup during POST.
  2. Go to the main menu, select [Storage Configuration] , then press .
  3. Select the item [Configure SATA as] then press to display the configuration options.
  4. Select [RAID] then pres
  5. Save your changes, then exit the BIOS Setup.
  6. During POST, press to display the utility main menu.
  7. From the utility main menu, select [1. Create RAID Volume] and press .
  8. Enter a name for the RAID set and press .
  9. When the RAID Level item is highlighted, press the up/down arrow key to select RAID 0 (Stripe), and then press .
  10. When the Disks item is highlighted, press to select the hard disk drives to configure as RAID.
  11. Use the up/down arrow key to highlight a drive, and then press to select. A small triangle marks the selected drive(s). Press after completing your selection.
  12. The rest of the default settings are ideal for your set-up, the default stripe size and the volume capacity wil indicate the size of your HDDs combined.
  13. Press to create and youre done.

Download P5Q PRO Vista x64 Raid Drivers here.

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