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Operating Instruction Manual for Panasonic VDR-M53PP, VDR-M55PP, VDR-M75PP and VDR-M95PP DVD Video Camera.


Panasonic Inc.


14.60 MB

Driver Date & Version
05/13/2005 (ver. VQT0R00-1)


This is the operating manual (in PDF format) for Panasonic DVD Video Camera model number:

  1. VDR-M53PP
  2. VDR-M55PP
  3. VDR-M75PP
  4. VDR-M95PP

Table below summarized the differences of functionality between the above mentioned Panasonic DVD video camera models:

Built-in Flash No No Yes
USB No Yes Yes
Remote Controller No Yes Yes
PC Software No Yes Yes

This operating manual is quite large in size (15MB) and there are 170 pages and divided into six chapters:

  1. Chapter 1: Setup

    Explains how to set up the DVD Video Camera, battery pack, and set the date/time.

  2. Chapter 2: Basic Techniques

    Explains the basic operation of this DVD Video Camera recording of movies, still images, external input, and playback of recorded images.

  3. Chapter 3: Advanced Techniques

    Explains settings on this DVD Video Camera for more advanced usage.

  4. Chapter 4: Disc Navigation

    Explains editing with Disc Navigation. Refer to this section when finalizing DVD-R disc and initializing DVD-RAM disc.

  5. Chapter 5: Installing Software

    Explains the contents of provided CD-ROM and how to install the included software.

  6. Chapter 6: Supplementary Information

    Includes an introduction to products sold separately, proper cleaning, and troubleshooting.

Some people refer to Panasonic Video Camera VDR-M53PP as a Palmcorder because of the smaller size that can fit into one palm nicely. Please bear in mind these video camera uses 8 cm DVD-RAM and DVD-R discs for camcorder use. You cannot use other format such as DVD-RW or DVD+R (more info can be found on page 28 of the manual). You also need to initialize an unformated DVD-RAM disc prior to use, else you will encounter this message:

Initialize the disc following the instructions on screen.

Download Owners Manual for Panasonic Video Camera VDR M53PP here.

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