Applies to
Omnikey CardMan Mobile PCMCIA 4000 Smart Card Reader

Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003 Server



4.56 MB

Driver Date & Version
06/06/05 (ver.


This is the PC/SC driver for CardMan 4000 works in Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP and 2003 Server. You will not find the driver for CardMan 4000 in Omnikey website unless you checked the [discontinued products] to include discontinued Omnikey products during searching for drivers.

Omnikey CardMan 4000 Driver Installation Instructions

  1. Download the driver file CardMan4000_V3_5_0_12.exe and run it.
  2. CardMan4000_V3_5_0_12.exe is an installation program which will unzip all driver files into a directory which you can specify. E.g. c:/omnikey/
  3. After installation an INF file can be found there. The INF file is required for the driver installation.
  4. Plug in your CardMan 4000 and Windows operating system will prompt for the driver location, where you have to select the source directory of the driver files.
  5. Browse to c:/omnikey/CardMan4000_V3_5_0_12/W98_W2K_XP/ and select cmbp0wdm.inf
  6. Windows will now copy all the required system driver files and you can reboot the system.

Download Omnikey CardMan 4000 Driver here.

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