Applies to
HP OmniBook 2100/3100 BIOS

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0



936 KB

Driver Date & Version
6/1/1999 (ver. 2.05)


Upon checking driver and bios download page for OmniBook 2100, I found the version 2.05 BIOS file. See below for the details:

  1. BIOS version 2.05 release of the Multi-Language BIOS for the HP OmniBook 2100/3100.
  2. BIOS 2.05 support additional cardbus controller in the docking stations.
  3. To install the BIOS, download the file and execute it.
  4. Read the README.TXT file for information on how to create the update floppy disk.

    Unfortunately there are only two files after I extracted the zipped file: BIOS.IMG and COPYDISK.EXE

  5. For information on changes between BIOS versions, see APPNOTE.TXT on the update floppy disk.

    I do no have a floppy disk nor drive so I cannot check whether the APPNOTE.TXT is available after you created the floppy disk.

Download OmniBook 2100 BIOS here.

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