Applies to
NVidia Motherboard with build in network port.

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

NVIDIA Corporation


70.90 MB

Driver Date & Version
2011/05/02 (ver. 15.58 WHQL)


If you are seeing this error message:

You appear to be running version 67.96 of the NVIDIA Network Access Management tool.
This version had known issues which may create problems with uTorrent.
Please upgrade your NVIDIA software to at least version 73.12.

Chances are you are installing or running uTorrent and every time you start the program and the above mentioned message pop-up.

So how do we find this NVidia Network Access Management tool version 67.96? Well I managed to find TWO solutions to the problem, gathered from the Internet (forum/discussion)

  1. Solution 1 (recommended):

    You should be able to solve the problem by installing the latest version of your NVIDIA motherboard driver set, which shall include the latest version of NVIDIA Network Access Management tool.

    Here is how to do it:

    1. Go to NVIDIA driver download page here.
    2. Select Product Type = "nForce", product series = series of your motherboard, ranging from 5,6,7,9, 2000 and 3000
    3. Select product, based on your motherboard model.
    4. Download type = "Driver"
    5. Operating System = Your current Windows (Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP etc...)
    6. Language = select your preferred language.
    7. Click search and then you will see the "NFORCE DRIVER" available to download. Save to local hard disk and install it by following the on screen instruction.

  2. Solution 2:

    Another easier way is by changing the uTorrent setting. In uTorrent, go to "Setting" and uncheck option "'start utorrent automatically when system starts".

    This way you may need to start uTorrent manually as it will not start automatically everytime Windows start.

Download NVIDIA Network Access Management Tool 73.12 here.

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