Applies to
Nortel Networks i2002 VoIP Phone


Nortel Networks


1.29 MB

Driver Date & Version
Nov 2006 (ver. 2.00)


This is the user manual for Nortel Networks VoIP IP Phone i2002.

The user manual is divided into many chapters and is 84 pages in length. Here are some of the chapters in the user manual:

  1. Your i2002 Internet Telephone controls
  2. i2002 Internet Telephone display
  3. Install your i2002 Internet Telephone
  4. Your i2002 Telephone Option menu
  5. Call features
  6. Make a call
  7. Answer a call
  8. While on an active call
  9. Incoming calls
  10. While you are away from your desk
  11. Talk with more than one person
  12. Work without interruption
  13. Additional call features
  14. Additional features
  15. Hospitality features
  16. Flexible Feature Codes (FFCs)
  17. Terms you should know

Download Nortel Networks i2002 VoIP Phone Manual here.

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