Applies to
Nokia 6126, 6133 Mobile Phones

PDF User Manual



1.75 MB

Driver Date & Version
2006 (ver. 2.0)


This is the dual language English and Spanish user manual for Nokia 6126 and 6133 mobile phones. The user manual consists of 185 pages in which English version is from pages 1 till page 86 while the rest (page 87 till 185) is in Spanish language.

Some additional information on Nokia 6126 and 6133:

  1. The Nokia 6131/Nokia 6133 is a Nokia smartphone clamshell phone released in February 2006.
  2. Both the 6126 and the 6133 have been known to have some problems with the sending of MMS messages.
  3. 6126 is the USA version of the 6131 (released for AT&T)
  4. 6133 has a silver keypad (vs black in the 6126/6131 models), and a slightly different arrangement of camera lens and external LCD screen compared to the 6126 and 6131.

Download Nokia 6133 Manual here.

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