Applies to
Netgear WG311T Driver Super-G (108 Mbps) & 802.11g (54 Mbps) Adapters.

Windows 2000, XP and Vista



15.9 MB

Driver Date & Version
May 22, 2007 (ver. (XP/2K), ver. (Vista))


In this new driver release, Netgear introduces a major fix which is Windows Vista support. However, there is one issue: no 108Mbps support in Windows Vista.

Driver Upgrade Guide

The guide is quite comprehensive and long so please make sure you understand all before attempting to install the driver.
  1. Download the updated Windows Vista driver (work in Windows XP/2000 too).
  2. Uninstall the old driver:

    Start > All Programs > NETGEAR WG311T Smart Wizard > Uninstall NETGEAR WG311T Software.

  3. Click [Next] for all options. When uninstallation is done, please shut down and power of your PC.
  4. Time to take out the Netgear WG311T. I do not understand why Netgear require user to take out the card during driver installation.
  5. Anyway, ground yourself by touching on unpainted metal surface on the outside back of the computer case.
  6. Note the PCI slot your Netgear WG311T sit. Then take your Netgear WG311T out and restart your PC.
  7. When Windows restarted, install the new driver by running the downloaded wg311t_5_0_setup.exe
  8. Shut down your PC and put back your Netgear WG311T card to the same PCI slot.
  9. Restart your PC again. Continue with the rest of the driver installation by selecting the country, select to use NETGEAR Smart Wizard and Network Name (SSID) of your choice.
  10. Save the profile and now you should be able to connect to the Internet.
  11. For more detail information on the installation, click here.

Download Netgear WG311T rev a3 Driver Setup here.

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