Applies to
NEC Docking Station 6000




2.00 MB

Driver Date & Version
July 1996 (ver. 1.0)


The NEC Versa Series Docking Station 6000 Users Guide gives you the information you need to maximize the use of your docking station.

Read this guide to become familiar with the Docking Station 6000 and its features.

For specific information, see the following chapters.

  1. Chapter 1 introduces you to Docking Station 6000 capabilities and features. This chapter also describes the correct operating and storage environment for the docking station and how to care for the unit.
  2. Chapter 2 provides instructions for docking and undocking an NEC Versa on the docking station.
  3. Chapter 3 explains setting up the software to use your docking station and NEC Versa together.
  4. Chapter 4 details how to add options to the docking station. These options include expansion boards and various types of drives.
  5. Chapter 5 directs you through connecting peripheral devices, like an external keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer, and audio options.
  6. Appendix A provides docking station specifications.
  7. Appendix B provides connector pinouts.
  8. Appendix C gives a quick reference to common problems and solutions. Appendix C also provides NEC technical support numbers.
  9. This document, along with your NEC Versa users guide and Windows documentation, provides all the information you need to effectively use the Docking Station 6000.

Download NEC Docking Station 6000 Plus Manual here.

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