Applies to
Muratec Fax F-95 Fax Machine

Windows 2000, XP



51.70 MB

Driver Date & Version
n/a (ver. 1.0)

Description is NOT the Manufacturer for Murata Fax!

If you try to find Murata fax machine driver information in, thinking that is the manufacturer website for your Murata fax machines, you will be disappointed.


Why? I personally find it is funny and I will explain to you.
  1. is a company website for Murata manufacturing Co Ltd, who is specilized in electronics components.
  2. After googling, I found the following statement made by (EU division of

  3. According to, Murata Electronics do not produce fax machines.
  4. All Murata fax machines are made by Muratec (Murata Machinery, Ltd). This company is not related to Murata Electronics.
  5. Muratec originally chose the same brand name as Murata, but changed to their current name at a later date. Our company is the original Murata, a worldwide manufacturer of discrete ceramic components and semi-conductor devices, but not a supplier of fax machines.
  6. Muratec have since changed their brand name for fax machines, but this was not before a number of fax machines had been distributed in the marketplace under the name Murata. Muratec also manufacture other products.

So Where is The Fax Driver For Murata F-95?

I have search thru Muratec website and have NOT found any f-95 fax driver. The closest model number is Murata F-110 and F-112. So I have listed the driver for F-110 and F-112 in this page but I do not know if the driver is working for F-95. I cannot guarantee it will work so try at your own risk. You may want to try the Windows Vista driver for F-112 in the same driver page in Muratec site.

Download Murata Fax F-95 Driver here.

2 thoughts on “Murata Fax F-95 Driver

  • admin December 25, 2008 3:54 pm #

    Hi Brick, you can try download here. Please note the driver only confirmed to be working with F-110 and F-112. Thank you.


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