Applies to
MSI K9N6SGM-V/K9N6PGM-FI/K9N6PGM-F Motherboards

Windows 2000/XP, Vista 32bit, Vista 64bit, XP 64bit, Server 2003 64-Bit



4.67 MB

Driver Date & Version
2006-02-20 (n/a)


The ONLY Windows Server 2003 supported hardware for MSI K9N6SGM motherboard is AMD Cool and Quiet Driver (ACPI 2.0 processor performance control objects) for AMD Athlon 64, Sempron, Turion 64 and Opteron systems.

You may try other drivers which are supporting Windows XP or Windows Vista 64bit as the chance of compatibility is higher. To see the complete list of drivers for MSI K9N6SGM motherboard, please refer here.

Download MSI K9N6SGM 2003 Driver here.

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